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Bridging The Gap Between Business, Technology Evolution & Economics

Our platform completely redefines what’s possible with its Deep AI Models

Connecting the Dots Between business-Market Needs, ROI, Cost, & Experience

The first & only platform with detailed and state-of-the-art Techno-Economic (TE) models to bridge the gap between demand, technology evolution, user experience and economics. We enable global firms to transform into data-driven decision-making cultures, saving between 30-70% on multi-year TCO spending whilst improving customer experience and increasing ROI.

Cloud Native - Serverless

Born in the cloud - nevertheless, our platform can be deployed on/off premises at your choice!

State-Of-The-Art- Models

+25 years of domain expertise and best practices are brought in to our AI models & algorithms. 

Multi-Layer View

Holistic view across all network and technology layers in addition to business and operations. 


Evaluate vendors on Scalability, reliability, energy and TCO/ROIs based on their technology & roadmaps.

Multi-User View 

Driving unified decisions across all business layers & organisations - From CxOs to domain experts/specialists .

Open Platform/APIs

100% openness, our platform can be modified and customised by customers, partners and community members.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Scan, Discover & Map

Automated network & data discovery (selected layers or E2E), capture business requirements, and processes.

Analyze, Emulate & Model

Automated data analysis and Emulation of different scenarios using AI/ML models.


Insights, Actions & Automations

Tactical and strategic insights with recommended actions (at each level), continuous improvements via automation engine.

In Numbers - Why TelcoBrain?


Years of Experience





TCO & ROI Benefits






Use Cases 

Techno-Economic Analysis

Predict your Network TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) covering both CapEx and OpEx, foresee future cost issues and address them well ahead of time before happening.

Reliability & Resiliency Planning

Analyse all possible failure scenarios (single, double and triple...) , address failures before happening to ensure 100% reliability across all layers.   

Sensitivity & modelling 

Always stay ahead of the curve by assessing the impact of any scenario from traffic, cost, resiliency requirement changes to even natural disasters that can impact your business. 

Demand & Capacity Planning

Predicting and estimating future demand is not an easy task, planning enough capacity for the traffic demand makes it even more challenging, thanks to our platform, we got you covered!

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Predicting the right demand & growth for the coming months-years is not an easy task!

Translating future demands to an accurate and optimised level of investment across all infrastructure layers and services makes it more challenging - given you need to maintain (or improve) ROIs, cost efficiency, network resiliency and overall customer experience.  


TelcoBrain is the first platform to provide this capability in one package, by seamlessly looking into future evolution from Techno-Economic perspective whilst ensuring all other parameters such as performance, resiliency, customer experience, agility, and network sustainability .

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