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Connecting Dots

Message From Our CEO


"TelcoBrain envisions a future where technological innovation, data-driven insights, and economic intelligence foresight to shape a connected world that knows no bounds"

Our Story

The Genesis: How It All Began

It all began by our founder Omar, after serving in various capacities, from telcos to management consulting firms, large enterprises, network vendors, and Hyperscalers, he identified a pressing need. The industry faced an overwhelming surge in technology demands, reliability challenges, complexity, and the urgency to enhance technology economics, including cost per unit efficiency and return on investments.

TelcoBrain emerged as the answer to this industry-wide challenge. Conceived as a unifying platform, TelcoBrain was designed to meet the intricate needs of Telcos and Enterprises, encompassing mobile operators, service providers, and wholesale capacity providers. Simultaneously, it aimed to cater to the distinct requirements of Hyperscalers and mid-large enterprises across diverse industries.

Driven by a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, Omar took the bold step of founding TelcoBrain. Our vision quickly resonated with early adopters worldwide, who recognized the platform's potential to revolutionize evolution of technology based on future techno-economic models powered by AI/ML.

Today, TelcoBrain stands as a testament to this visionary start. We, as a company, are fueled by the spirit of innovation and guided by a dedicated team of experts. Our journey is one of continuous growth and evolution, as we relentlessly redefine the technology landscape. At TelcoBrain, we are steadfast in our mission to deliver unparalleled value, efficiency, and innovation - forging a future where technology knows no bounds.

Our Locations


Washington DC. (HQ)


Prague, Czechia


Valencia, Spain


Remote (Global)

Meet Our Leadership

Get to know the people that makes our mission a reality!

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