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Use Cases 

Techno-Economic Evolution and Optimisation 

Predict and build best infrastructure at lowest cost leveraging latest technologies - test and validate what vendors are promising regarding new technologies and match that to the expected cost in neutral way.

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Demand Growth & Capacity Planning

Predict accurate network traffic and demand growth for your business, unify growth across all network layers, optimise use of technologies and resources across all layers. Select most optimal scenario for network upgrades and evolution planning with optimal cost.

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Reliability (Network & Operational Resiliency)

When failure is not an option to business, it is often very expense to build resilient network and operations processes. Avoiding under/over-built and building the right amount of protection across network layers with accurate processes in place to ensure 24/7/365 availability at lowest cost per bit. 

Future Reliability Analytics.jpg

Sensitivity Analysis (What-If Scenarios) 

Build and predict multiple future scenarios for your network evolution, with this capability, you can you fine-tune the desirable outcome based on any parameter such as Cost, Longevity, Reliability, performance and customer experience.

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Sustainability & Energy Analytics

Rollout new technologies and platforms to meet future demands without increasing your carbon footprint. Predict and optimise the energy usage and per platform/layer.  Enable your teams to predict and analyse overall future power needs, where they can select ahead of time more sustainable energy sources and best options in terms of platforms that are more environment friendly.   

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