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Industry Firsts

Techno-Economic Models

+25 years of domain expertise and best practices are brought in to our AI Models & algorithms. 

Cloud Native - Serverless

Born in the cloud - nevertheless, our platform can be deployed on/off premises at your choice!

Multi-Layer View

Holistic view across all network and technology layers in addition to business and operations. 

Multi-User View 

Driving unified decisions across all business layers & organisations - From CxOs to domain experts/specialists.


Evaluate vendors on Scalability, reliability, energy and TCO/ROIs based on their technology & roadmaps.

Open Platform/APIs

100% openness, our platform can be modified and customised by customers, partners and community members.

Industry-first E2E future back platform to enable CSPs and large-mid size enterprises' teams to continually predict, check and validate how the living network should evolve and behave in a safe, secure, non-disruptive, mirroring environment.


Bridging the gap between Future Technologies and EconomicsToday's businesses need to be able to rapidly evaluate optimal architecture choice(s) at lowest-cost, as well as best performance options, highest security and reliability for months and years to come (3-5-7-10 years).

All levels / All teams in a single platform -  Results & insights are needed as valuable input for decision making at all levels (CxOs to SMEs) across different organisations such as technology strategy-architecture, operations, finance and commercial teams.

Multi-layer & Vendor-Neutral view to assess objectively every technology, architectural option(s) and implementation choices at each layer and find optimisation and synergies between layers that fits your needs and situation.  

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